Subsystems and Components

For motion, interfacing and safety

System components are products that solve problems or extend the capabilities of a scanning system. They may be used as an integral part of a new system, or they may be part of a retrofit or upgrade to an existing system.

Some of the system components that UTEX has to offer are as follows:

Order No.DescriptionSelf Serve Downloads

Submersible Encoder
SENC-01Attaches to cylindrical samples via continuous vacuum for the monitoring of a sample's angular position independent of the drive mechanism's position.

Gimbal Manipulator
GIMB-01Attaches to search tubes and Z masts to add true A/B gimbal capability for probe positioning. Available with adaptors for standard UHF search tubes or custom adaptors for most

Low Force Tilt Away E-Stop
TAES-01Attaches to search tubes and Z masts to add protection for manipulators and transducers.

Collision Detector
CDES-01A submersible touch sensor. Prevents collisions that could damage a scanning system or product under inspection.Website page

The UTEX Motion Pendant
CP-01-0xA remote control pendant that uses a magnetically detented knob to precisely control the speed or position of any axis of an inspection system.Instructions

Quadrature Converter
QC100Converts step and direction signals from a step motor controller or indexer into quadrature signals.Website page
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