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AG101 Analysis
IW Version 10.5 build 154

Release Notes:

Version DateNotes
  1. Exclude All/Include All does not overwrite comments in the cluster analysis table
  2. Gate position and length can be changed in raw waveform. These changes are not synchronized to Mapped Waveform.
  3. Tried to handle exception where all merged files are not being loaded. This should work now but confirmation needed from AD. palette based Amplitude CScan analysis (beta)
  1. Zones on Mapped DScan viewer window
  2. Linked report header values to current scan
  3. Added Reset Cluster Table sort button improvements and bug fixes
  1. Updated to IW platform version
  2. Published with updated manual version 1.4 embedded as Help document
  1. improved ray tracing tools: added index position
  2. minor bug fixes
  1. Raw wfm BScan and DScan orientation issue fixed
  2. Ray generation parameters synch when a saved file is reopened. This should account for mapping discrepancies.
  3. Full part annotation is displayed even if one scan segment is loaded.
  1. Save and recall of analysis results
  1. Zone Depth Refresh issue is fixed
  2. Include and Exclude All on selection is now working
  3. Comment and decision reset on data load (more testing on additional data files required)
  4. Decision and comment are reloaded for all cluster analysis table rows (more testing on additional data files required)
  5. Palette smoothing has been removed. v3.0
  1. Fixed default velocity values on initial load
  2. Apply Gate Trim values for raw waveform analysis
  3. View BW Amplitude and other CScans collected during scanning
  4. Link Mapped Gate/position to Raw wfm Gate/position
  5. Toggle to set Mapped AScan in part space or from part interface (traditional left-right AScan display) of execution script to execute all analysis up on file opening 1) save/load of a default setup of Zonal Analysis with SNR criteria
2) remapping and TOF - Distance uses material velocity from raw data file

Setup Steps:
  1. Download and install the IW AG101 executable.
  2. On launch click on the setup button next to the Part selection drop down list.
    1. Specify the data file units (mm or in)
    2. Specify the root folder for the scan data. The root folder must contain the part folders (forging type) and each part folder contains folders named according to the serial number of the forging. The serial numbered folders will contain the data files from all scans of the forging.
    3. Select where the Data Viewer window opens with respect to the main analysis windows. This application requires two monitors.
  3. The application is now setup for AG101 analysis.
  4. Additional details are available in the attached Help document.
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04/13/2017 Rev: 1.0
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