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AG101 Analysis
Analysis software for GE Specification P3C-AG101 Rev D.

Release Notes:

Version DateNotes
IW AG101 Rev D
IW AG101 Analysis 1.0.115-B116 Sept 20201) Improved signal duration and EBW comparison.
2) Improved cursor tracking on mapped CScans.
3) Major feature implementation is complete. AG101 Application status upgraded to Beta.
IW AG101 Analysis 1.0.115-A1201 Sept 2020EBW Comparison bugfix. Improved auto adjustment of the gate around the flaw signal.
IW AG101 Analysis 1.0.115-A1130 August 2020Implemented automatic handling of AScan time zero at probe vs AScan time zero at first interface.
IW AG101 Analysis 1.0.115-A1025 August 2020Improved detection of artificial gates
IW AG101 Analysis 1.0.115-A918 August 2020Bug fixes for WPT datafiles
IW AG101 Analysis 1.0.115-A809 July 20201) Import of WPT files
2) Import of rot_xsn.xml files
IW AG101 Analysis 1.0.115-A718 June 20201) Auto set units from datafile.
2) Speed and stability improvements
IW AG101 Analysis 1.0.115-A617 June 2020Bug fixes to run WestPenn data
IW AG101 Analysis 1.0.115-A511 June 2020ROI Editor Bug Fixes
IW AG101 Analysis 1.0.115-A426 May 2020Prototype release of IW AG101 Rev D
Legacy IW AG101 Rev C Versions A v0.6a20 November 20191) Implemented Auto Gate Adjustment for Signal Duration and Maximum Dimension calculations
2) Implemented use of Max diameter circle around the indication for Max Dimension calculations A v0.503 October 2019Bug Fixes and Feature Requests as per the Excel Tracker A v0.426 August 2019Bug Fixes and Feature Requests as per the Excel Tracker July 2019Rebuilt July 2019Bug Fixes from first review, Updated Help document (Bad Build) June 2019Draft versions for feature preview

Setup Steps:

  1. Please un-install any existing version of IW AG101 with build number11.x.x.x
  2. Download and install the most recent IW AG101 Analysis 1.0.115-xx executable.
  3. On launch select Options > Advanced > Applications from the Menubar
    1. Activate using the license key for version 11p5. Please note that 11.x.x.x soft licenses are not compatible with the new application.
    2. Specify the data file units (mm or in)
    3. Specify the root folder for the scan data. The root folder must contain the part folders (forging type) and each part folder contains folders named according to the serial number of the forging. The serial numbered folders will contain the data files from all scans of the forging.
    4. Select where the Data Viewer window opens with respect to the main analysis windows. This application requires two monitors.
  4. The application is now setup for AG101 analysis.
  5. Additional details are available in the attached Help document.
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    Help for AG101 Analysis v0.5.pdf (52.2 MB)
    AG101 Rev D Analysis Quick Start v0.1.pdf (3.6 MB)
    InstallIWAG101Analysis 1.0.115-B1.exe (630.7 kB)
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NDE Software
Document Number
11/21/2019 Rev: 1.0
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