UTEX Training and Research Center

NDE Training and Development

We are committed to teaching our customers how to use our technologies for optimal results.

UTEX's Training and Research Center is located in Canada, just outside of Toronto. Our classrooms and laboratories have been designed specifically for NDT software and system integration training.

We encourage you to stay for a few days. Private guest offices, with telephones, internet and printers, are available so you can continue to function while you're away.


UTEX offers training on our NDE software, Inspection Automation, and system integration. A complete listing of our course offerings can be found here. Most of these courses can also be delivered online or at your facility. Remote assistance can be scheduled whenever additional support is required.

We also provide private, customized training sessions on many other NDE topics. If you need training in a particular area, please let us know.


UTEX has scanners and instruments for technique development and training. You can get a hands-on feel for the equipment and experiment on your own samples. To learn more about our facilities, or to schedule a visit, please contact us.
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